Brazilian guests

Last Friday, 12th December, we got visitors in our school: three teachers, Vitor Quadros Altomare Sanches, Fernando Santana Pacheco and Fábio de Paula Santos from warm and far country, Brazil. They were visiting Finland to explore the education system of Finland and, of course, to see northern lights.

The teachers came to the English lesson of the 1st grade class and introduced themselves. After that they started to answer to our questions of Brazil, their impressions of Finland, food, weather and so on. They told us that their first impression of Finland was coldness and snow. No surprise, though. Weather in Brazil was near to 25 degrees when they left, so it must have been quite a difference for them.

Another differences between Brazil and Finland besides temperature were food, spare-time activities and people. They had tasted some of the traditional Finnish foods, like rye bread and salmiakki (rye bread was good but salmiakki didn’t quite impress them) and then they showed us few photos of their local foods. Yummy (especially the cheese buns seemed pretty good).

cheese buns

Cheese buns


When they asked us about our free time and hobbies, we mentioned ice hockey, volleyball, jogging, gym, being with friends, arts and computers. We also talked about walking in the woods and hunting, because even though some of teachers had a rain forest near to them, it wasn’t that easy to go and hike there (it might get a bit complicated without a machete) unlike in our coniferous forest.

Naturally they were interested in our football field because football is such a big thing in Brazil. So it was pretty surprising to us that most of their cities and villages even bigger than our Ivalo, had less activities and opportunities to sport than we do. When we had been criticizing our activities here, they wondered if Ivalo’s library, public swimming pool, sport field, cinema and hockey hall are they all useless then?

We also discussed the differences in peoples’ characters. Finns’ behavior in social situations was quite surprising to our Brazilian visitors at first. For instance, quiet, shy, evasive student in the corner of the classroom is no extraordinary thing for Finnish people, but if you were in Brazil, somebody would ask you if everything is fine. So it was a little new for them, but fortunately we managed to make some conservation.

It was really a pleasure to us to meet the guests here. We got to know new things of Brazil, speak English and meet new people, of course. When our lesson had ended, few of us wanted to ask them about the name of those ‘juustopullat’. Now we got a paper where it reads ”Pão de Queijo” and “Guaranã” (a Brazilian beverage to drink with), so maybe we will have a Brazilian evening with samba, football and cheese buns.

omia kuvia 010

Brazilian teachers visiting Ivalon lukio

You can read more about the visit in a blog that one of the guests wrote.
Mimmi and Sara, 1b







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