Hot Sicily vs white Lapland

Hi everybody! We are Simona and Miriam, the two Sicilian girls that will stay here until 3rd May. Well, it’s not so easy making the choice to live here, first of all for the climate. In fact, our lowest temperature that we can enjoy during the coldest part of winter is +4 degrees.

We hope that you will have the opportunity to note that Sicily is very beautiful, especially in the summertime: the sun is shining on you, the sea is blue, +30/35 degrees each day…and so on! The Sicilian population is different, too. We are very friendly and in Sicily the concept of a family is very strong. Just think that until some years ago, it was “a must” to have lunch all together on Sunday.

Now, you should imagine two Sicilian girls in Finland: we were feeling like two crazy people in a world of shyness, but in the end we’ve learnt how to adapt and appreciate the wonderful things of Lapland. Here we found stunning views, snow, Aurora Borealis, nature, and animals that in Sicily we would never find.

Of course our staying here gives us a lot of new experiences, starting from snow angels, or different kinds of sports like skiing, ice skating, the taste new kinds of food, as reindeer and moose meat, or different kinds of berries, fishing, sauna, rolling in the snow and so on…

Anyway, the differences between Sicily and Finland are not only about the climate and food. In fact, another different point is the educational system. In our opinion the Italian scholar system is more difficult and theoretical. Besides, high school lasts for five years, so we finish it when we are 18/19 and we have a lot of “addresses”: something like 20 different institutes among high schools, technical schools and professional schools. Lessons start at 8 o’clock each day and they end at 2 o’clock p.m. with no lunch time during the lessons, but just one little break of fifteen minutes to eat a snack.

However, we have spent here two fantastic months, full of funny moments, we only have the last month left and we hope it will be even better than the last ones; we invite everyone of you to enjoy with us: we would be really happy of this.

Kiitos 🙂
Miri and Simo!

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