Comenius project meeting in Ivalo

Sunday April 14, Jaakko

Actually I have to start this blog by saying one fact. I don’t know if this blog is supposed to be written in English or in Finnish so I decided to prefer English as internationality is maybe the most important theme in this Comenius project. So this text is about the Comenius project called

Okay, but now to the point. So, the guests arrived yesterday (Polish team arrived today morning) and all the host families went to the airport to welcome the families. There wasn’t anything special planned for Sunday in the “official” programme, but all the host families decided to go to Saariselkä Ski Center to the great sledge slope (I know, It’s a bad translation for pulkkamäki).

Weather forecast hadn’t been too optimistic earlier but It turned out that the sun was shining and It may even have been the warmest day this year so far. So weather was great and so was the company: Guests from all around Europe were very amazed when they first time came down the slope and saw the beautiful landscape from top of the mountain. They really loved it! The first impression of our area couldn’t have been any better.

Uusi kuva

Photo: Jaakko Joentakanen.

In Saariselkä some people planned that they would go to Ivalo river to grill some sausage etc. And that Idea kind of escalated: in the evening there were about seven snowmobiles standing in circle as their drivers were chatting around campfire, while the sun was slowly setting down. This was a great day and in this point it was clear that this would be a great week

Monday April 15, Meri

Like Jaakko, I’ll continue writing in English, hope you will understand everything… So, Monday was the day when all the guests get to know our school and village little better. The day started with gathering of all the guests, hosts, teachers and other Comenius -people. Then we split into two groups and toured around the school, telling our guests a little bit more about the building, classes and our school system. After the tour, our guests attended classes. In those classes our guests gave us lessons telling about their schools and where they come from.

Of course food is important so we had lunch after guests’ lessons. With full tummies we had one more class before the tour around the village. The tour, which didn’t succeed very well: time was running out so we didn’ have time to show everything that we were meant to. But at least we got to walk around in our village and the guests saw our churches, both Evangelic-Lutheran and Orthodox. After the tour we all headed home.

In the evening the students had a meeting in the youth house Stönö: games, having fun, getting to know each other and just hanging out.

Tuesday  April 16, Jaakko

Tuesday’s main theme was visiting Saariselkä. Departure was after lunch, so in the morning all the guests attended lessons with their hosts. School’s lobby was filled with international atmosphere, as people from different parts of Europe were laughing and having joyful chats with each other. As known, these kind of international projects always bring positive mood with them.


Weather in Saariselkä was extremely foggy, but our Comenius guests only found it funny! Photo: Jaakko Joentakanen.

After lunch the bus started and we headed towards Saariselkä. In the bus there were all the guests, including both the teachers and pupils. From Finnish people there were only few of us, as everyone couldn’t fit the in the bus and many had some schoolwork to do. Also our exchange students from Italy were with us in this trip.  As we came closer to Saariselkä, the weather turned foggier. The sights (despite the fact that sights were actually pretty limited due the fog) were exotic and definitely something interesting for our guests to see. From the top of Kaunispää we went to Hotel Riekonlinna, where we had a tour around the hotel and an interesting presentation about tourism in Saariselkä. This presentation really showed how important tourism business is in Lappland.

After our trip to Saariselkä we had free time until the evening. At about six o’clock me and Kenny started our snowmobile and headed towards Ivalo lower secondary school along beautiful Ivalo river. At school we had sports activities arranged for us. First we played some floorball and after that we changed to volleyball. Everyone enjoyed these activities, big thanks to our sports teacher Jari, who made this sports evening possible!

 Wednesday April 17, Ronni

Just like the preveous writers I will continue blogging in English. We had a really fun day at school. We were in the art class making a work called: The explosion of colours. It is seen above the door of the art class. We had a fun doing it, everybody was having a great time.

After the art workshop all the Comenius students gathered to the English class and presented their models and read the stories of John and Mary. Then we had some sport activities indoors. Then we went outsde frying some sausages and marshmallows in a open fire.

In the afternoon the Comenius group went to Ivalo lower secondary school’s home economics class and made traditional Finnish and Lappish food like reindeer soup which was delicious. In the evening everybody went to the youth house Stönö and had a gret time.

Thursday April 18, Mira

On Thursday three Finnish students and guests from Poland, Sweden, Belgium and Spain left for Inari at 8 am. First they went to the Sámi Museum, Siida, where they took part in a guided tour for 45 minutes. After the tour, they walked a short distance to the Sámi Cultural Centre, Sajos. There they had a brief presentation of Sámi people and the Sámi Parliament. In addition, they had a tour around the building. After that they left to Toivoniemi.

About at 11.45 the bus arrived to Toivoniemi. They had lunch at the school canteen. After lunch it was time for some winter fun. The guests were ice fishing, saw reindeer and had  little competitions for example throwing a boot and a frisbee.

At 15.30 the bus left for Ivalo, where they arrived at 16.30. After the trip everyone went home and rested a little after a long day which wasn’t over just yet. At 19.00 the guests and their hosts met at where they had a dinner. The day was fun and all the students were enjoying the evening.

Friday April 19, Ulla H.

In the morning all the students came to school and then went together to do the last minute shopping. The students had lunch at school and then it was time to say goodbye. The bus left for the airport at 12 am and all the guests took the same flight to Helsinki. From there they continued their journey to different parts of Europe, to home.

When you’re having fun time seems to fly which was the case during this Comenius project meeting. Many thanks to our hosts, their families and all the great guests. You made this week unforgettable.

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